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This year dance is part of the school's RFF (release from face to face teaching) program. Students will engage in regular planned sequenced learning experiences with Miss Rebecca Cavenagh, that cater for their growth and development.

The program will encourages students to explore their creativity and develop a new way of thinking. Miss Cavenagh is very passionate about sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for dance with Ryde Public School students. 

ES1: Introduction to Elements of Dance; Space, Action & Time, using movement in response to a stimulus to express ideas, feelings or moods.

S1: Explore and select appropriate movements using the Elements of Dance; Space, Action & Time to express ideas, feelings or moods. 

S2: Explore and demonstrate the ability to select appropriate movements using the elements of dance to communicate ideas, feelings or moods.

S3: Demonstrates ability to explore, select and organise appropriate movement using the elements of dance; Space, Action & Time to communicate intent.​

K-2 Dance Performance Group

This year Miss Melanie Wilkinson & Miss Rebecca Cavenagh will be coordinating a new K-2 Dance Performance Group at Ryde Public School. This group of 24 dancers will meet during lunchtimes to learn and then perform a routine across different school events as well as inter-school festivals. They are bringing their excitement for dance to the younger years and start a love for the art at a young age. 

K-2 Lunchtime Social Dance

The lunchtime social dance group for students in years K-2 has continued this year to encourage students, nominated by their teacher, to develop gross motor skills and the ability to work within a group of people, in a safe and fun learning environment. This group is run by Miss Melanie Wilkinson & Miss Rebecca Cavenagh who are passionate about providing students with the skills to work together, as well as develop a passion for dance and movement.

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