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Mrs Megan Hudson has a well established music program at our school.

We also have choirs and a recorder group who have the opportunity to perform at various events, both at school and in the wider community.


Whole Class Programs

As part of the RFF (release from face to face teaching) program, classes have the opportunity to participate in music lessons during the year.

Kindergarten      Students participate in simple singing, playing and moving activities to develop an awareness of the beat and control over their movements. They use classroom instruments to explore sound and learn the vocabulary needed to describe dynamics, tempo and beat. They are encouraged to use music and dance to express ideas, feelings and moods and to respond and communicate through their own simple compositions. They will also learn this year's Music:Count Us in song "We Are'. 

Stage One      Students imitate and improvise rhythms, learning to match simple rhythm patterns with traditional notation. They invent and perform simple melodies and percussion pieces and learn this year's Music:Count Us in song "We Are'. 

Stage Two      Students will be learning how to play the recorder in Term Three. They will be learning to read the notes on the stave in order to play from the written music and incorporate dynamics and tempo while playing. They will also learn this year's Music:Count Us in song "We Are'. 


Choirs and Recorder Group

At lunchtimes from Monday to Wednesday, different musical activities are held for students to choose from. They start straight after eating time at 11:10am and finish at 11:40am.

Monday - Junior choir  (yrs 3 & 4) - Music room with Mrs Meg Hudson

Tuesday - Recorder group - yrs 3-6  - Music room with Mrs Meg Hudson

Wednesday - Senior choir (yrs 5 & 6)  - C Block with Mr Owen Milward

It is still to be determined when the K-2 choir will be held this term.

Ryde Schools' Spectacular (RSS) choir 2019

The RSS choir rehearse on Monday mornings at 7:45am - 8:45am in the Music Room with Mrs Hudson.  A Google classroom has been set up for messages pertaining to them specifically.