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The Music Partnership

The Music Partnership (Website link) is excited to be working with Ryde Public school in 2021.

We have a Training Band for children in their first year of learning an instrument. Training Band is open to children in Years 2 (2021)and above.

We hope to have a Senior Band for children that have completed at least 1 year of training band or who have been learning their instrument for 1 year or more.

Band at Ryde PS is open to all children in Years 2-6. Enrol in band now!

We will also be running private music lessons, at school on a large variety of instruments before and after school hours with our specialist tutors. All students attending band will need to have a private lesson, either at school or with an external teacher.

All children attend private or paired instrumental lessons during the week in addition to their weekly band rehearsal. Enrol in music lessons now!

Click here to view all the instruments being played and also a full concert band performance. 

We can organise instrument hire for you! Please visit our sister company Presto Instruments to rent your instrument. Hire your instrument here.