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Welcome to EAL/D 2019

In Australian schools, learning is accessed through English, and achievement is demonstrated through English. ... Students for whom English is an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) require specific support to build the English language skills required for effective communication and access to the Australian Curriculum.

Our 2019 EAL/D staff are:

  • Cathy Tall (team leader)
  • Toni Stoyanoff
  • Jo Goodchild
  • Sherry Mok
  • Samantha Poynton
  • Gail Hughes

An English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) program has been established at our school. Some students have no English so are placed in our NAP (New Arrivals Program) while others are receiving in-class support.

These students require additional support to further develop their language skills in Standard Australian English.


Cathy Tall 

  • Stage 2/3 NAP (withdrawn from the classroom)
  • Stage 2 (in-class support)
  • Year 1 Reading & Writing (in-class support)
  • Kindergarten Oral Language Groups (OLG)

Toni Stoyanoff

  • Kindergarten NAP (Term 1 in-class support, Term 2,3,4 withdrawn from the classroom)
  • Stage 1 NAP (withdrawn from the classroom)
  • Year 2 Reading & Writing in-class support)
  • Year 2 OLG

Jo Goodchild

  • Stage 1 Reading & Writing (in-class support)
  • Year 1 & Year 2 OLG

Sherry Mok

  • Year 2/3 Reading & Writing (in-class support)
  • Kindergarten/Year 2 OLG

Samantha Poynton

  • Year 1 OLG
  • Stage 3 (in class support)

Gail Hughes

  • Kindergarten (in class support)