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Selective high school

How do I know if my child is a suitable candidate? Excerpts from the High Performance website

  1. 'Has the student demonstrated a comprehensive achievement well in advance of the enrolment cohort when performance is assessed against the outcomes for the current curriculum stage?'
  2. ‘The Selective High School Placement Test is an ability test which is able to differentiate accurately between students of very high ability'
  3. 'On a state-wide basis, it is probable that only one in 200 (0.5%) students would be capable of acceleration across all subject areas.'


Points to consider with your child

  • What are my child's strengths and areas of expertise and which school will continue to develop and strengthen them?
  • What courses are available that best suit the areas of strength for my child?
  • What extra-curricular opportunities do they offer?
  • Consider partially selective schools such as your local high school, private and relevant scholarships
  • Would you prefer single sex or co-ed classrooms?
  • How will they get to the school, factoring realistic travel times and transportation?
  • How does the school support students to transition to high school?
  • Social aspects & current friendship groups
  • Attend open days and individual information sessions
  • Look at school web sites
  • Call or visit the school if you have questions that need to be clarified

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