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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer for you.

An outstanding Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PE/H/PD) program

This year, Mr James Kouts will be teaching our students Personal Development, Health and Physical Education within his lessons. He is very passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. He has a passion for physical activity and enjoys sharing his expertise with our Ryde Public School students.

Other sport/physical education programs offered:

Ryde Zone PSSA summer and winter sports

  • softball
  • t-ball
  • cricket
  • football (soccer)
  • tiger tag
  • netball 

The Premier's Sporting Challenge 

A specialised dance program with a trained dance instructor

Miss Rebecca Cavenagh is studying a Bachelor of Dance at The Academy of Music and Performing Arts. Her enthusiasm and expertise brings a new direction and opportunities for students at Ryde Public School. 

Other dance/performance programs offered:

Ryde Public School participates in the Sydney Dance Sport Championships at the end of each year. The Championship is a ballroom dancing competition for Stage 2 and Stage 3 students and is promoted as a fun activity to be involved in. Stage 2 students learn to dance the Samba, Slow Rhythm and the Australian Barn Dance. Stage 3 dances include the Waltz, Cha Cha and the Gypsy Tap. The students attend practices every week with Miss Piras and Mrs Spencer. They learn the different dance steps with great enthusiasm and enjoy the experience!


Mrs Megan Hudson is teaching our students music as part of the school's creative arts program. She is passionate about music and performance and organise for students to participate in the following performances/programs:

  • Festival of Children's Music (junior choir)
  • Ryde Schools' Spectacular (auditioned from the senior choir)
  • Festival of Instrumental Music (recorder and strings) 

Extracurricular music lessons

Bennelong Music offers individual and group lessons before and after school during the school week. An information and application form is available in our school office.

  • Wednesday - after school
  • Thursday - before and after school
  • Friday - before and after school 

Our Kitchen Garden

Visiting our school chickens is a popular activity amongst the students. Every morning a group of dedicated Stage 3 students give up their time before school to care for our chickens. This involves cleaning the roost, feeding them, and giving them fresh water. Their favourite job is checking the nest for any eggs. All our chickens are well cared for, free range chickens. Many students visit our friendly chickens to learn about how to keep chickens or just to say hello and spend time relaxing with them.

Our school garden is enjoyed by a variety of student groups. 

Other programs and opportunities Ryde Public School offers:

Ryde District Debating (a competition between local schools for Stage 3 students) 

The NSW Premier's Spelling Bee

The Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition

Australian Maths Competition

The University of NSW ICAS Assessments 

G.A.T.E.ways challenges 

Operation Art